Copmany Profile

ANELIXI CONSULTING, with its multi-year experience, provides high level consulting and engineering services in the technical, construction and development sector. In addition, it manages investment projects and utilizes financing opportunities in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, contributing to sustainability.
In its 25 years of activity, the clientele consists of existing small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and individuals.
Our goal is to provide personalized services based on reliability, development, quality and continuous support, while building a relationship of mutual trust and long-term cooperation with each customer.

Human Resourses

The personnel of ANELIXI CONSULTING, embraces its vision, offering complete and personalized solutions. It consists of experienced external collaborators-engineers of all specialties, covering the ever-increasing demands of the market.
Angelos Karanikolas
Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Stuttgart

Corporate Responsibility

Our culture strengthens our trusting relationships with our clientele, motivating us to act responsibly in all areas of its business and manage it as if it was our own.